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The C's and B of Leadership

Consciousness: Consciousness is bringing our beliefs and assumptions into awareness. If we are not aware of our beliefs and assumptions, then we are being driven unconsciously rather than making intentional and clear choices. We all have things we know about ourselves, and things that we don’t know about ourselves. If we are not aware of “who is driving the bus” then we cannot lead effectively and are not in purposeful, productive relationships with others. A high-level of self-awareness means a high-level of emotional intelligence and brings the capacity to be a purposeful and visionary leader. You can read others emotional states, and their purpose, as well as knowing your own purpose. When purpose meets purpose, the possibilities are endless.

Courage: Courage is the willingness to act in the face of uncertainty and fear. In the context of leadership, it is most important in the context of vulnerably and authenticity - showing yourself to others. It also takes courage being comfortable with who others are, no matter how different, and trusting that this shared authenticity leads toward big, audacious outcomes. It takes courage to be yourself and show it to others. Caring Connection: We can lead from one of two places: Love or Fear. Our stance determines what we achieve and how we achieve it. Being real, and being vulnerable enough to show you care about people, about the outcomes you desire, your team’s and organization’s, is a critical component of achieving results that matter most. A caring connection with those throughout your life, in families, teams and organizations is what makes life meaningful. We all seek a caring connection, and the leader within creates and sustains caring connections throughout their lives. At a very human level, caring connection is one of the most important things we are all seeking, all 8 billion souls on the planet. Thus, as a leader developing the capacity for caring connections, you will have more effective, authentic and fulfilling relationships in every area of your life. And, you will achieve more.

Commitment: A commitment to the discipline of self-exploration and self-knowing as well as a commitment to take the path of the Leader within is critical. As you might imagine, the path of conscious leadership is for the strong of heart. It is for those that know the journey is inner-driven. It also requires a commitment to your purpose and how your leader within will lead. It requires a commitment to following your intuitive and heart-centered beliefs based on your values, and is ultimately grounded in Love.

Belonging: Along with connection, all humans are wired for belonging. We crave belonging, and though we might not always understand people’s actions, this is what we are all in search of. As a leader, if you can help people feel that they belong to something purposeful and fulfilling, then you will be able to lead others to the highest peak of achievement and fulfillment.

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