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Revealing the Leader Within 

Who you are is how you lead.

What I Do

I work closely with you, leaders, teams, and organizations to advance individual and collective growth. This unique work awakens the full potential and inner strength of you, your team and organization.  Through my approach, you and your team become a better version of yourselves to achieve the vision of success and results you envision.


My collaborative and customized approach to coaching, team-building and leadership meets your unique needs. No two teams are alike, and I blend content that is relevant to you and your goals. I have developed  tools and a proprietary learning process, The Know Model, to help you advance toward your goals and sustain business success. 


This integrative approach awakens the six domains of leadership: Self, System, Relationship, Body, Mind, and Source or Spirit. This holistic method pushes new ways of thinking and developing competencies that move leaders into constructive action and advances the organization toward high levels of performance, fulfillment and purpose.

"No matter how you define it, the result of this work is more effective leadership individually and in teams. The bottom line is Clif's approach creates results." 

I help you learn to recognize your own depth to make a difference individually and collectively.       

"What you know matters, but who you are matters more."

Leaders achieve through relationship. We know the most successful and effective leaders bring forth their authentic selves and engage across their teams and organization with purpose, vision, and humility. They believe in accountability while fostering strong, trusting relationships and team play. They connect with heart, build trust, and cultivate a culture of curiosity, collaboration, and community. 


These leaders are accepting, supporting, and challenge themselves and others to achieve their potential. They create a leadership and teaming culture that thrives and achieves great results because of the diversity and richness of experience and ideas. True change happens through the power of people.


Not only do we believe it, our clients have experienced it.

What We Know

"Approximately 35% of any change in business performance can be traced back to conscious leadership.”  

- The Leadership Circle 2015                

Clif, along with trusted colleagues, are authentic practioners, who are passionate about bringing conscious leadership into the world. We embody our work. We bring our true selves forward sharing our experiences. We know the territory of development, growth, and leadership because we have done the hard work ourselves. 

As highly experienced, credentialed experts in leadership dynamics and human development with real-world experience we work with diverse organizations, systems, and corporate cultures. We draw from a range of research, disciplines, and concrete experience to bring the most progressive approach to leadership development and to create corporate cultures that benefit the organization, and allow the people in it flourish. Our work is on the awakening edge of conscious leadership and adult development.

"Clif helped me achieve my potential. It made a huge difference in my work, how I lead others and my effectiveness as

a leader."  -Teague Executive

Who We Are

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