Leadership Development, Team Coaching, and Consulting


Clif coaches leaders and teams to shift to a thriving culture of awareness, collaboration, and possibility.

His process is tailored to your needs and includes:

  • Development Planning

  • Leadership Development Seminars

  • Program Implementation Plan

  • Communication Development

  • Thought Partnership on Integration within Organization

  • One-On-One Coaching

  • 360' Degree Review

  • Team Culture Surveys

  • Leader Summits & Intensives

  • Experiential Team Workshop

  • Team Detoxification

" Clif empowered me to overcome adversity and gave me the tools I needed to lead our organization out of its place of despair and refocus my team on the work at hand. His coaching has helped me sort through complex problems while finding a balance that's made me more successful, happier and engaged both in and outside of the office."  

-Matt McTighe , Everytown for Gun Safety



  • Innovate Faster & Better Together

  • Quicker to Find Better Solutions

  • Restored Morale & Job Satisfaction

  • Improved Execution & Follow Through

  • Strengthened Relationships that Drive Results

I have developed a high-performance team coaching system that draws on deep research and education as well as my own journey living the role as leader and team member in a range of diverse settings. My approach is designed to support teams to maximize their collective talents to accomplish and exceed the goals required by the organization.


This approach combines a focus on the development of the individual, collaborative team system and real-world business applications. 

Clif works with organizations to implement initiatives that help leaders meet their most pressing challenges and to maximize their overall impact and effectiveness. He uses collaborative and customized programs, workshops, and services to meet each client’s unique set of needs and circumstances. Masterful at customizing content and facilitating groups in a compelling fashion, he guides you and your team to grow within the context of your corporate culture.

  • Upturn in Productivity

  • Retain & Attract Top Talent

  • Boost in Profits & Market Share

  • Shareholder Value Creation

  • New Skills to Solve Complex  Problems

Using a holistic and progressive approach including the latest in Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Systems Theory and Performance Coaching, I partner with organizations to offer programs that challenge leaders to think and act in new ways, and break through limiting beliefs. Whether an "intact team" or a group of leaders, I create programs that deliver results.


​Underlying every coaching engagement is a working alliance. I create a safe, respectful, and open environment that provides the foundation for challenge and growth, the truly transformative work.


  • Develop & Inspire Others

  • Retain Top Performing Staff

  • Be Resilient & Persistent in Chaos

  • Deepened Trust & Accountability

  • Establish Greater Influence & Presence

  • Fueled Collaboration & Collective Action


Interventions and Experiential Learning

to Meet Your Organization's Specific Initiatives and Challenges

A Sample of Topics


 Courage Talk™  - the art of communicating effectively, authentically, and how to hold difficult and scary conversations, to thrive (not just survive). With Courage Talk™ you learn that you can talk about almost anything if it’s approached in a mindful manner.


PurposeQuest helping leaders and teams discover and ignite their passion and purpose. Leaders and teams that are in tune with themselves and others become enthused

and can manifest our desired outcomes.

Appreciative Team Summit

 Appreciative Inquiry is a collaborative, strengths-based approach to personal and organizational development that is highly effective in organizations. It is a way of bringing about change that reveals stakeholder perspectives from the entire system and ensures holistic organization success.