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"He who looks outside, dreams;
he who looks inside, awakens."
_Carl G. Jung


My work reveals unconscious beliefs and assumptions that drive leaders' performance. I help shift leaders and teams into a more conscious and effective stance. 

My defined approach awakens the six domains of leadership and teaming: Self, System, Relationship, Body, Mind, and Source or Spirit. This creates new ways of thinking and competencies that move leaders to constructive action. Their organizations experience strikingly high levels of performance that otherwise could not be attained through a business-as-usual approach.

Conscious, integrated leadership begins with authenticity, vision, and purpose. These awakened leaders are effective communicators who are both humble and hold themselves and others accountable. They create deep bonds with those they lead and understand that leaders achieve through the strength and depth of their relationships. And, they create a corporate and teaming culture that thrives.


What does “thrive” look like? Improved productivity, collaboration, meaningful results, and whole team engagement. In short, those things that are critical to business success.

Awaken and Lead For Results





*Frederic LaLoux, Reinventing Orgaizations


Leadership is built on a platform of self-awareness. Leaders become conscious or "awakened" to what is happening internally, individually and as part of the collective team. They will see clearly how their beliefs drive their actions and contribute to their current state. We raise consciousness of underlying beliefs and assumptions that drive behaviors and counter-productive actions that are holding them back from their desired future. Leaders discover that all actions come down to choice. And, that the impact they want to create calls for a transformed approach.


Leaders "discern" which beliefs and behaviors are serving them in the most effective way and those they would like to or need to "unlearn." They hold an experimental and curious mindset and begin to intentionally create the relationships, interactions, and outcomes they want. Leaders grow in their capacity and their power of choice to take new, constructive action and develop a deep sense of connection and relatedness with others.


Conscious leaders understand themselves at a deep level and have also learned about complex social systems and teams. They develop empathy and insight. They reach out with relational and emotional mastery and engage their teams more effectively. They move from isolated skills and competencies toward more collaborative and complex "thinking abilities" and build their capacity as leaders who guide holistically. This way of being moves leaders into constructive action and advances teams and the organization. This becomes not just a way of leading, but a way of life.

"I just want to thank you for an amazing experience. You have opened my eyes to so many ways I can continue to improve as a leader, with lessons and techniques I am now using each and every day.  From ‘empathy over sympathy’ to ‘the cycle of renewal’, from ‘change or die’ to ‘spiraling neurons’, from ‘crucial conversations’ to the ‘st. crispin’s day’ speech example (my personal favorite!), each and every session with you has helped me grow – not only as a leader, but as a person.  -Mike, Universal Studios
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