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How Flexible is Your Team?

Agile and flexible teaming is emerging as the most effective way to successfully navigate the 21st Century environment that is fast-paced, ambiguous and complex. Agile, flexible teams can respond quickly, deploy team strengths, enhance communications and create extraordinary outcomes. These teams are flexible, connected and can quickly seize on opportunities and respond in creative powerful ways.

“Leaders bring the weather.”

The demands of the 21st century marketplace requires “leadership from every chair.” Hierarchical and fixed structures simply cannot anticipate or respond quickly enough to the pace, complexity and ambiguity of market changes and client opportunities. A critical outcome of my work with teams is developing more effective and engaged leaders throughout the team. A fully engaged team with an aligned vision is able to achieve more with less effort, reaching outcomes more quickly and at a lower cost.

An additional result is broader culture change by supporting the team to create greater alignment and effectiveness. Cultures don’t change, they evolve. As new, more effective practices and behaviors are introduced and adopted, the team’s culture will shift to higher overall performance and achievement.

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